Who we are

About Polymer Solution Ltd.

We are the brainchild of years of market research, consumer pain points and overall commitment to creating a world class plastics raw materials solution that stands as a benchmark for reliability and results.

Polymer Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. is a globally leading Plastics Raw Materials indenter, commission agent and trader in Bangladesh since 2010. Focused on sourcing and selling polymers to the growing Bangladeshi B2B market.

We are a registered Private Limited Company and registered member of Bangladesh Indenting Agent Association,
as well as Bangladesh Plastics Association.

Our management has solid and progressively successful experience of working for a Japanese multinational trading company, globally renowned shipping & Logistics Company and a respected petrochemicals manufacturing company.

Our all-encompassing and robust knowledge and experience in Petrochemicals Products, Polymer Pricing Trends, International Trading & Banking, and Shipping & Logistics along with large number of local bona fide customer’s base has been exemplary with proven results

What We Do

We work as a trusted local representative of foreign petrochemicals manufacturers and successfully facilitate the selling of their productsin the growing Bangladesh market. As a company built on mutual trust and reliability, we also actively safeguard the interests of the overseas manufacturers/traders.

We possess a burning, never-ending desire to help our clients maximize their potential; exceeding their short or long term personal goals. Though our vision is a bit aspirational, our values are
what drive us every day

Our Proposition

Our Proposition is simple. We want to make a winning combination with International petrochemicals marketing, harnessing the power tremendous petrochemicals potential in a promising South Asian sector with Bangladesh as the central core.

We aspire to use our expertise, skill, experience, out reach and passion by bringing it all together in to perfect harm o n y within Bangladesh Market and bring truly revolutionary change.